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My strong faith has been the greatest source of strength and hope.  A passion for Christ Centered excellence and an abiding relationship with Jesus has carried me through many of life's challenges and difficulties.

In May of 1980, God got a hold of me. I was a rebellious, head strong and deeply broken spirit. Emotional and physical abuse changed how I viewed myself and saw the world. I fought most of the next 30 years feeling that I had to somehow perform to be accepted and loved. Wow, was I wrong. My relationship with Jesus has taken some interesting turns and He has asked me to step out in what seems like insane acts of faith. But He has always been my safety net no matter what. From remodeling a bathroom to quitting a job that made absolutely no logical reasonable sense, He has never failed to guide me to the next step that He orchestrates. The consistent love and belief Jesus has in me is the greatest foundation and CornerStone to who I am. I hope you enjoy your time here. I am glad you stopped by.

Michele holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science and Certifications in Leadership, Project Management, & Coaching. She also is a Certified D.I.S.C.  Personality and Behavior Consultant and Trauma Therapist. She has studied the Bible over 40 years under biblical pastors such as Wayne Taylor, Kay Arthur, David Platt and Francis Chan.  She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at the foot of Mount Rainier in Washington State with her furry family made up of a German Shepherd and two precocious felines. She enjoys anything outdoors and satisfying her tenacious appetite for personal and spiritual excellence by always growing her faith, renewing her mind and taking care of her health.

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