Have you ever had an idea or a dream that you have wanted to do but something keeps you stuck? Maybe it is out of fear of failing or insecurity in your ability. Or maybe it's because you have absolutely no clue how to even start? Or maybe, it's been an elusive mystery as to why you haven't been able to take that step.

The Coaching aspect of CornerStone is unique and out of the box. It's not your typical 'self help find your purpose become a CEO' kind of coaching. It is for the individual who wants to step out and take a leap of faith to do that 'thing' they have always wanted to do or take that 'risk' into the unknown they know they should do but have been paralyzed for what ever known or unknown reason.

The CornerStone Coaching approach is one of venturing along an inquisitive path, identifying the hinderances and forging new paths of freedom and adventure.  It is a journey of faith, trust and discovery. 

If you are ready to take that first step, I will be your biggest cheerleader, courageous advocate and when needed, a gentle booty kicker. 

Click the button below to set up a 15-minute pre-coaching chat and we will see what God will do. 

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